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PROJECT NAME: LEGO Serious Play Learning for SMEs

PROJECT NUMBER: 2012-1-PL1-LEO05-27421

January 2013 - December 2014

The S-PLAY Project seeks to adapt an innovative learning process for the needs of SMEs. Lego Serious Play makes learning in the workplace a participative, creative exercise that develops teambuilding and communication. Used by management consultants, the S-PLAY project seeks to bring Serious Play to SMEs and VET trainers. We will talk to practioners, trainers, business support organizations, and SMEs to determine their training needs which can be met with Serious Play. Based on this research, we will design workshop content and instructor guidelines for SME-specific modules of Serious Play. Next, we’ll test these modules in pilots in each of our five partner countries. Finally, we’ll digitalize the final version of the workshops so that VET instructional designers or any other interested parties throughout Europe will have access to this dynamic tool. At the end of the project a conference will be held to demonstrate the results.