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UITM is considered one of the leaders in Poland in the area of innovative education. One of the largest private universities in Poland, UITM cooperates with various institutions of higher education, research institutes, business associations, enterprises and experts. It has been the recipient of 161 grants to date, of these 113 from European Union Funds. Each year it is the host of several international level conferences and seminars and has a staff of 473 employees including 64 professors.

UITM is an acknowledged leader for its commitment to full participation and contribution to progress not only within higher education but throughout the wider environment within which it exists – that of local communities, enterprise and the non-tertiary education system. It provides a conduit for these stakeholders to take advantage of developments in European educational research and innovation. 

UITM prides itself in its e-learning initiatives, expertise, and IT infrastructure. It is a partner in the training programs offered by the best IT companies in the world: CISCO, MICROSOFT,NOVELL and SUN. Some of the IT solutions it has developed include: a virtual university, electronicstudent ID, on-line library, and an electronic document repository. In 2001 UITM received “The Best Local Academy” award in EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). 

The University has developed over 170 interactive courses (in Polish and English) enriched with multimedia and interactive elements which cover practically the entire curriculum offered. UITM introduced an LMS platform (WBTServer) with an authoring tool (WBTExpress) to offer high quality modules in CBT and WBT models which comply with all e-learning standards. UITM achievements in the field of e-learning have been recognized at national and international conferences (EDEN and IADIS).