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In just two weeks, LSP facilitators across Europe have provided a wealth of input on their experience through the S-PLAY survey on the state-of-the-art of LSP methodology in Europe at The S-PLAY team wishes to sincerely thank all those who have participated for sharing their time and knowledge. We’ll be talking more with those of you who indicated your willingness to be contacted. If you haven’t participated yet, there’s still an opportunity.  Go to the above link and tell us about your experience. 

To inform the upcoming S-Play White Paper on the state-of-the-art of LSP methodology in Europe, we have launched a survey – found at or at the link on this page. We want to know things such as where and how LSP is being used, who participates and which methods and applications facilitators prefer. The survey should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete. The information will be used for research purposes to help us draw a complete picture of LSP in Europe. We will also contact willing participants for more in-depth phone interviews. Our findings will be shared in a White Paper that will be available on the project website early this summer. Help us create innovative new tools for LSP now. Your contribution in filling out the survey will make a difference to our final outcome - which is a package for you - the LSP facilitators of Europe. 

S-PLAY partner USI participated in the conference “LEGO & ARCHITECTURE: the serious game of under standing ‘time/space/relationship” organised by the and the University of Ferrara, during Restauro 2013 on Saturday 23rd March in Ferrara. Practitioners from around the world came together to share their experiences and enthusiasm. USI presented their project ‘User Requirements with LEGO’ which provided the foundation for the current project S-PLAY.

February 6-7, 2013 the S-PLAY team came together in lovely Lugano, Switzerland for the first time to officially kick-off the project.  While most of the partners had worked together previously, this project presents an exciting new formation of combined competences and passions.  

The Polish delegation was the largest as it includes both the coordinator UITM and our technology specialists WIRT.  USI hosted the meeting and introduced us all to the wonderful world of Lego Serious Play. FORTH provided the pure research perspective and UDUR kept our methodology on track while IHK made sure our ideas conformed to the needs of businesses. 

With not only the usual project players such as universities and researchers, but the inclusion of a key Chamber of Commerce in IHK, and an actual SME in WIRT,  S-PLAY promises to be a well-targeted project.  The S-Players quickly became a team with our very own LSP workshop hosted by USI. 

As at any kick-off meeting, work packages and roles were reviewed, revised and agreed upon.  And the most important next steps were set up: our research on the state-of-the-art of Lego Serious Play and the selection of our participants for our train-the-trainers coming up in June.  This means reaching out to LSP practitioners hence the urgent work on the project website and info leaflet. 

Next meeting in Ticino June 18-19, 2013