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On 18-20 November University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów held the final conference of the S-PLAY project.

During the first day of the conference we had a chance to listen to some very interesting presentations such as:

  • Why did I lose – about training games, participants and coaches…
  • Analogies in managerial training
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in training employees (S-PLAY team presentation)
  • Using games in the recruitment process, assessment and development centres
  • Coaching – alternative or future of training?

In the second day, we had 3 practical workshops:

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop
  • Your Time – time management training board game
  • Car Factory – project management training board game

The last day of the conference was devoted to LSP workshops for students.

See photos at:

S-PLAY team would like to invite SMEs representatives and trainers to „New dimension of trainings for small and medium enterprises” conference. Held on November 18-20 in Rzeszów, Polad, this international conference is finalizing „Lego Serious Play Learning for SMEs” project and aims at sharing experience in using innovative training tools such as Lego® Serious Play® methodology, board games, gamification etc.

For more details visit conference website:

S-PLAY Team took part in International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise which was held in Riga, Latvia on 22-25th. The aim was to disseminate the effects of the project among participants. Our team prepared 2 presentations:

As the topics of our presentations were in line with participants’ interests i.e. innovations in education, creativity, enterprise both were well received. Let’s hope it will translate into greater interest in using LSP method for SMEs!

The S-Play Project Team met for the fourth time in Riga on 21-25th July 2014. During our project meeting we shared experience of running workshops with LEGO for SMEs in England, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Poland. All workshops were recorded and soon we will be able to share them in e-demonstrator – interactive tool presenting content of the workshops with videos illustrating how they work in real life. Additionally, we began preparation for international dissemination conference that will be held in November in Rzeszów, Poland. More information about the conference will be available soon!

An S-Play pilot workshop took place on April 29, 2014, at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland.

Aim of the workshop was to re-design the professional training program (Tecnologia, comunicazione, ospitalità e accoglienza per operatori turistici e alberghieri) for its third edition.

The workshop was based on LLED (Lego Learning Experience Design), a specific LSP application for instructional design refined within S-Play. 8 participants attended the workshop, including the project manager, the course manager and some hotel managers from Ticino, who attended a previous edition of

The workshop was held in Italian and has been facilitated by Stefano Tardini with the help of Elisabetta Frick.


The S-Play Project Team held its third Project Meeting in Durham, UK December 16-17, 2013. The venerable University of Durham was a suitable venue for the reflections on our work thus far and for formulating our strategy for the next phase of the project. The materials to be used in the pilot of our modules for SMEs are ready and thus we are now in the phase where we find out how well they work. Pilots will be run in all five partner countries from which we hope to have validation of our approach. The pilots will also provide video material in each partner language which will make our final package easier to adapt by trainers working in English, German, Italian, Greek and Polish. 

Having reviewed the state of LSP in Europe – through our survey of 84 LSP faciliators in Europe – see our White Paper - and responses from those outside the EU – we are now soliciting stories of IMPACT on a company after an LSP session. To help all further tell the story. If you would like to show how your LSP session impacted a company – click here and send us your story!


We are pleased to announce that our White Paper on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® A state of the art of its applications in Europe is now available. Click on read more to download the paper and to find out what 84 European faciliators told us in our survey; what five participants told us in in-depth interviews; and what we found in a review of 44 documents in the scientific literature on LSP. There’s also a section on the methodology mainly through the words of its main players and of the official LSP documents with regard to its history, main applications, basic principles and theoretical foundations and the main actors of the LSP community are presented as well as their presence on the internet. Whether you are an expert or a newbie to LSP you should find something useful in this work for your work. The S-Players invite you to take a look today at LSP in Europe. 

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The University of Information Technology and Management (coordinator of S-PLAY) recently organized a LEGO session for high school pupils. The topic? Economics! LEGO models representing GDP, consumption, public debt and unemployment were used to help participants in a small group competitive economic policy decisionmaking role-play. Designed by the Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju (Civil Development Forum) in cooperation with the World Bank, the session shows how young people can be encouraged to explore complex economic issues by the use of interesting and unusual methods – such as LEGO play.

This workshop was not linked to the S-PLAY project however it was run by the coordinator partner who takes a great interest in LEGO-based learning.

Trainers from S-PLAY partner countries Germany, Greece, Poland and the United Kingdom came to scenic Swiss Serpiano June 18-19 to participate in the S-PLAY introduction workshop  to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for SMEs. Hosted by partner USI - Università della Svizzera italiana - participants had a demanding schedule of modelling, narrative and debriefing. For both those new to LSP and for those with experience it was an engaging and lively two days. These trainers will continue to work with S-PLAY as we design our SME-specific materials and pilot them in each partner country. To see more workshop photos, click here.

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