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The first task in these LSP workshops is always to allow participants to familiarise or re-familiarise themselves with LEGO and playing with LEGO.

Build A Tower

Build a Tower (2 Minutes)

It must be free standing

Make it as tall as you can

Summary and Guidelines

This is a quick task to get people familiar with building with LEGO.  Try to introduce some light-hearted competition. e.g. “Let’s see who can build the tallest model”. Occasionally remind them that it must be free standing.

Make sure the task is exactly 2 minutes long, give warnings at 1 minute remaining, 30 seconds and countdown the last 10 seconds.

On completion, look at each of the towers and congratulate the builders individually. Make a judgement on which is the tallest.

Make the point that each of the towers is built in a different way and that each person uses LEGO in a different way and each of these is equally valid.

If this is not the first time that participants have executed this exercise, you might add a ‘sting in the tail’ by asking them to stand a mini-figure on the top of their model.

On completion, ask the participants to demolish the model. Explain that this is a very important part of the process as it encourages them to recognise the attachment they have to the models they have built.


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