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“The essence of LSP is building on the complex interplay between the hands and the brain” (Kristiansen, Hansen & Nielsen, 2009, p.3). The idea behind LSP is that using the hands to build 3D-models of pieces of knowledge, ideas and feelings “opens up a new path for free, creative and expressive thinking” (Gauntlett, 2007, p. 130). More than 50 years ago, neuroscientists found that a surprisingly large part of the human brain is dedicated to control the hands (Penfield & Rasmussen, 1950). This profound interconnection between the brain and the hands means “that the hands are not simply a valuable place to get information ‘from’, or to manipulate objects ‘with’, but also that thinking with the hands can have meaning in itself” (Gauntlett, 2007, p. 130).