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This workshop is designed to help a small or medium enterprise focus their strategy on creating an environment to support innovation and increase innovation capability. Participants are assumed to be those within the organisation responsible for strategy and management – 5-8 people such as the general manager, human resources, sales and marketing, customer service, and product managers or specialists. All participants will contribute their ideas of the opportunities and essential elements. The result is a shared development and understanding of the strategy to be taken. 

Step Challenge Time Video

Skills building

45 min


Organisation Identity

Build a model which represents your view of the organisation with regard to innovation, as it is now.

For example, a participant could build a model of …

  • Range of products.
  • Range of services.
  • Quality of products (technological advance, construction, materials used, shape, design)
  • Quality  of services (reliability, responsiveness, competence, access, courtesy, communication, credibility, security)
  • Ability of managers or employees to pose / develop new ideas
  • Work environment

Place these models at one end of the Landscape Table.

15 min + sharing time



Desired outcome

Build a model representing innovation or an outcome of innovation.

For example, a participant could build a model of …

  • Product Innovation: Improved goods, in terms of quality, range, shape and size.
  • Product Innovation:  Improved services, in terms of quality and range.
  • Process Innovation: improved production flexibility.
  • Process Innovation: increased production capacity.
  • Outcome of Innovation: Increment in total sales.
  • Outcome of Innovation: Internationalization (increased involvement of SME in international markets)
  • Outcome of Innovation: Market leadership
  • Outcome of Innovation: Enhanced working environment
  • Outcome of Innovation: Reduced cost of products / services

Place these models on the opposite end of the Landscape  Table.

15-20 min + sharing time



Desired outcome shared model

Arrange and modify the individual models from Exercise 2 (Desired outcome) to create a single model of an environment with innovation capability.

15-20 minutes


Tools and affordances for innovation 1

Build a model which represents an agent of an innovation strategy, this may be an essential tool or affordance of an environment with innovation capability

For example, a participant could build a model of….

  • Tool: Innovative and inspiring workspace
  • Tool: Market research / assessment
  • Tool: Core technologies and competencies   
  • Tool: Financial Analysis
  • Tool: Production / Setup Plan
  • Affordance: Industry foresight (Understanding emerging trends)
  • Affordance: Idea / Concept generation
  • Affordance: Flexibility
  • Affordance: Creativity
  • Affordance: Organizational Readiness

Add these models to the middle of the Modeling Table, between the organisation identities and the shared model.

15-20 min + sharing time


Tools and affordances for innovation 2

Repeat this process, this time building a tool if you previously built and affordance and vice versa.

15-20 min + sharing time



Arrange the tools and affordance models so that you have a coherent representation of how they relate to each other.

15 minutes



Link the models showing the most important connections.

Add one connection between one of the identity models and one of the tool/affordance models.

For example, a participant could link….

  • The ”range of services” with the “Market research / assessment”

Add one connection between one aspect of the Shared model of an environment with innovation capability and one of the tool/affordance models.

For example, a participant could link….

  • A “Product innovation…” with the “Industry foresight”

15-20 min + sharing time


Refine roles / the landscape/connections

Identify and build, or modify existing, models of tools and affordances, which are necessary to complete your landscape. Modify the landscape and connections if required

15 minutes



Completeness check

10 minutes


Joint narrative

Create a joint narrative which tells the story of your landscape which includes all the components and connections you have created.

15 minutes

National Workshop

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