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Reaching New Markets

This workshop is designed to help a small or medium enterprise focus their strategy on reaching new markets. Participants are assumed to be those within the organisation responsible for strategy and management – 5-8 people such as the general manager, and the marketing, sales, customer service, and product managers or specialists. All participants will contribute their ideas of the opportunities and essential elements. The result is a shared development and understanding of the strategy to be taken. 

Step Challenge Time Video

Warm Up Tasks

45 min


Your Contribution

Build a model which represents your individual contribution within the development of the marketing strategy, as it is now.

For example a participant could build a model of…

  • Work with media, advertising campaign, new slogan
  • Creating a budget
  • Carrying out market research (size, growth, social trends and demographics)

Place these models at one end of the Landscape Table

8 min + sharing time



Build a model representing a new or additional market to reach

For example a participant could build a model of…

  • Young People. Increase their awareness through online social media presence

Place these models on the opposite end of the Landscape Table

10 min + sharing time


Landscaping 1

Arrange the individual models of your role to create a shared view of the team

Arrange the individual models of the target market(s) to create a shared view of the target market(s)  

15-20 minutes


Tools / Affordance 1

Build a model representing one thing (a tool or affordance) that your marketing strategy needs to have.

For example a participant could build a model of…

  • Affordance: Flexibility—a mechanism for changing and updating the plan.
  • Affordance: Communications – Promotion options (print and broadcast advertising, digital media, direct mail, in-store promotions)
  • Affordance: Specificity—expected results and milestones are clearly defined, along with the specific actions for implementation.
  • Affordance: Detailed Financial Information (determine at what price you should sell your product or service)
  • Affordance: The element of surprise (eg unexpected gifts, free overnight shipping of products)
  • Affordance: A monitoring/ evaluation mechanism of the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.
  • Affordance: An obvious innovation

Add these models to the middle of the Modeling Table, between your roles and the target market.

10 min + sharing time


Tools / Affordance 2

If your previous model represented a tool, now build a model representing an affordance or vice versa.

For example a participant could build a model of…

  • Tool: A website
  • Tool: A structured planning method (like SWOT analysis)
  • Tool: A survey on Marketing needs
  • Tool: Graphics design software
  • Tool: Office Software

 (the preceeding  sharing of models will clarify the difference)

Add these models to the middle of the Landscape, alongside those from the previous task

10 min + sharing time


Landscaping 2

Arrange the tool/affordance models so that you have a coherent representation of how they relate to each other.

15-20 minutes



Link the models showing the most important connections.

Add one connection between one of the Roles and some tool/affordance models

Add one connection between one aspect of the Target Market and some tool/affordance models

For example, a participant could link:

  • the “Survey” with “Innovation”
  • the “website” with “communications”
  • “Office software” with “Financial”

15-20 min + sharing time


Refine roles / the landscape/connections. 

Identify and build, or modify existing, models of team roles which are necessary to complete your landscape. Modify the landscape and connections if required

15-20 minutes


Completeness check

15-20 min


Joint narrative

Create a joint narrative which tells the story of your landscape which includes all the components and connections you have created.

15 min


Interview with a participant


National Workshop

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