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S-PLAY Training Programme WORKSHOP

Identifying an agenda for VET training in an SME

This workshop is designed to help a small or medium enterprise focus their strategy on designing a training programme to meet the needs of their employees. Participants are assumed to be those within the organisation responsible for training, strategy and management – 5-8 people such as the general manager, human resources or training specialists. All participants will contribute their ideas of the opportunities and essential elements. The result is a shared development and understanding of the programme to be developed. This method should be applied only after training needs have been identified (see earlier material) and should apply to specific training areas (e.g. marketing, customer service, technology), rather than for training in general.

Step Challenge Time Video

Skills building

45 min


Staff in need of training

Build a model that represents a characteristic of participants who would benefit from the training programme. It could be a personal, professional or demographical characteristic, a driver or motivation, a wish or a gap they want to fill following the training programme, etc.

For example, a participant could build a model of:

  • A very busy person
  • A person with no „technological” skills
  • A person who is forced to follow the course by his/her employer

Place these models at one end of the LandscapeTable

5 min + sharing time


Learning goal

Build a model that represents a learning goal of the training programme. It can answer the questions: at the end of the course, what will the participants know / be able to do / be?

For example, a participant could build a model of:

  • Know the basics of Project Management
  • How to operate a  new machine
  • Be able to effectively communicate with clients
  • Know how to design a website

Place these models on the opposite end of the Landscape Table

5 min + sharing time


Contents of the training programme

Build a model that represents a piece of content or a specific activity of the training programme, in other words: what needs to be taught during the training programme?

For example, a participant could build a model of…

  • Role-play about communication with clients
  • A specific theoretical model
  • Google Analytics

Add these models to the middle of the Modeling Table, between staff models and the shared model.

5 min + sharing time


Methods and organizational aspects

Build a model which represents a teaching strategy or an important organizational aspect to take into account while designing the training programme. It could be in terms of time, space, tools, teachers, etc.

For example, a participant could build a model of…

  • The tables’ disposition within the classroom
  • External speakers and invited teachers for specific subjects
  • Online web conferences with international experts

5 min + sharing time



Arrange the content/method models so that you have a coherent representation of how they relate to each other which shows how staff will grow within the programme

30 minutes


External Agents

Build a model of an external agent which obstructs or facilitates your training programme

For example, a participant could build a model of

  • A training organization
  • An  EU founded programme
  • Lack of time

15 min + sharing time



Link the models showing the most important connections.

Add up to two connections between any two models which represent the most important relationships 

15-20 min + sharing time


Refine roles / the landscape/connections. 

Identify and build, or modify existing models which are necessary to complete your landscape. Modify the landscape and connections if required

15-20 min + sharing time


Completeness check

15-20 min


Joint narrative

Create a joint narrative which tells the story of your landscape which includes all the components and connections you have created.

15 min


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