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S-PLAY Training Programme WORKSHOP

Identifying an agenda for VET training in an SME

This workshop is designed to help a small or medium enterprise focus their strategy on identifying the training needs of their employees. Participants are assumed to be the staff within the organization who are not involved in senior management. Ideally all participants will be of a similar grade within the organisation, shopfloor, supervisors, middle management, etc. All participants will contribute their ideas to maximise the collective intelligence through making and sharing. The result is a shared development and understanding of the ways in which employees feel the need to be developed to become more valuable contributors to the organisation. This method applies predominantly to the training needs of the individual, rather than the organisation as a whole. 

Step Challenge Time Video

Skills building

45 min



Build a model which represents how you see yourself in your role.

What is your greatest strength? Mark this with a red brick.

Write three words / short phrases which characterise your model

5-10 min + sharing time


Modifying the model

Modify your model to add a skill or competence you would like to acquire to help you advance your career.

Write on word or short phrases which characterises your modification

3 mins + sharing time


Desired outcome

Build a model which represents the (next) role you would like to have within the organisation

Place a red brick on the most important characteristic of that model

Place this model on the opposite side to the first model

8 min + sharing time


Agents to meet training needs 1

Build a model of some training the organisation could facilitate to help your change from your first model to your second model. Place this between your two models of yourself

10 minutes + sharing time



Place all the models of current roles to one side of the Landscape table. Arrange them in a way which shows how they are related to each other

Place all the models of future roles to the other side of the Landscape table. Arrange them in a way which shows how they are related to each other

15-20 min + sharing time


Building a shared Model

Between  these two sets of models, arrange and modify the individual models from Exercise 3 to create a single model of the training strategy which the organisation could provide to help staff achieve their goals.

As long as it takes


External Agents

Build a model of an external agent which obstructs or facilitates the training strategies.

8 mins + sharing time



Link the models showing the most important connections.

Add one connection from the models of Current Roles to the shared model of Training strategy.

Add one connection from the shared model of Training strategy to the shared models of Future Role

15-20 min + sharing time



Refine roles / the landscape / connections 

Identify and build, or modify existing models which are necessary to complete your landscape. Modify the landscape and connections if required

15-20 min


Completeness check

15-20 min


Joint narrative

Create a joint narrative which tells the story of your landscape which includes all the components and connections you have created.

15 min

National Workshop

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