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The following material represents the substance of this training package. It follows a logical progression which has at its centre, the LLED methodology adapted for use in SMEs.

The order in which these are presented are merely a suggestion and in practice it may be more useful to use these workshops as required in a specific context.

The logical sequence of these workshops is

Workshop 1:Training Needs - is for use with the target group of employees, to identify the attitudes of current staff, their professional aspirations and the means by which they feel these can be accomplished.

Workshop 2: Training Programme Design – is for use with senior managers and those within the SME with responsibility for the provision of training within the organisation. This Workshop is modelled on LLED developed by the team at USI. It allows managers to design a specific training programme to meet the needs identified perhaps in Workshop 1, or in the Training Needs questionnaire or by other means.

Workshops 3 and 4: Marketing and Innovation – are practical examples of LSP workshops which can be implemented to meet training needs or strategic development in those areas.  The design of these workshops is based on the LSP Real Time Strategy framework. They provide a template by which other workshops can be designed.