This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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The S-PLAY Project seeks to adapt an innovative learning process for the needs of SMEs.  The Project’s objectives are:

  •           To adapt the LSP method to the needs of SMEs
  •           To raise awareness and popularize LSP among VET organizations and trainers, business support organizations, associations of enterprises, etc.
  •           To raise awareness of SMEs for the need to increase competencies of owners and staff by innovative and attractive approaches to learning (LSP)

The Project’s Beneficiaries are:

  •           SMEs (owners, staff)
  •           Business support organizations
  •           VET training centers and trainers
  •           LSP Communities of Practice
  •          Project Partners

We have spoken to practitioners, trainers, business support organizations, and SMEs to determine their training needs which might be addressed with Serious Play. Based on this research, we have designed workshop content and instructor guidelines for SME-specific modules of Serious Play.

The following materials are for use by business facilitators and trainers in SME environments. They provide outlines for the use of the material as well as exemplars. These materials should provide a framework which allows facilitators to start running LSP workshops. As facilitators gain experience, the key principles underlying workshop design are provided so that they can start to design their own LSP workshops within the framework provided.

 It should be stressed that the materials provided here represent only a small sample of the full range of capabilities of the full LSP programme. These materials have been designed for use by experienced business consultants, who have had little or no experience with the LSP method. The materials  have been designed specifically with SMEs in mind.