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These tasks allow the participants to become familiar with building models which are slightly abstracted.

  • Build an extreme: The facilitator asks everyone to build a model representing an extreme (ideal or nightmare) of something. This could be related to the session goal (i.e. the ideal/nightmare boss, client, collaborator, etc.) or deliberately outside the purpose of the session (i.e. the ideal/nightmare holiday, neighbor, mother-in-law, etc.).
  • Build a creature: The facilitator asks everyone to build a model of a creature which represents them in some way.

The facilitator might ask questions to clarify the meanings of different parts of the models (”What does that piece represent?”).


  • trust your hands (start building even though you have no idea what to build exactly).
  • metaphors help others understand me.
  • using humour or emotions when talking in metaphors make our story memorable.
  • It’s ok to ask questions about the models



Tool 1: (App for Windows or Mac)

Tool 2: (online)

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