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These last type of exercises represent the highest level of abstraction. The aim of Challenge 3 is to create a safe environment where participants are comfortable in sharing honestly.

  • Issue at work: the facilitator asks everyone to build a model representing something they know well (i.e. an issue they are having or they had at work). Then, participants are asked to explain/interpret the model of someone else.
  • Monday morning: the facilitator asks everyone to build a model of whatever they want,  then the meanings are assigned randomly and everyone has to reinterpret his/her own model explaining why it represents “Monday morning”, or a “Chinese restaurant”, a “marriage”, etc.


  • We all are able to react instantly and creatively to the unexpected.
  • Builders and story-tellers have strong commitment.
  • Story-making allow to reinterpret evidence in a new light.



Tool 1: (App for Windows or Mac)

Tool 2: (online)

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